Hypersolve offers its partners a network of resources spanning Silicon Valley and beyond.  We provide the following services, tailored to the needs of our partners, network members, and clients:

  • Advisory services — have a great idea, organization, or product but need a missing piece to reach the next level? Whether it is technical, team, or connections, we can help.
  • Innovation Design services — do you need to refactor a problem space or a solution space? Want to re-imagine what your company, products, or academic organization can be in the next decade? Get the technically informed, organizationally-aware design thinking you need.
  • Consulting CTO  services — you have a startup but need a cross-functional, full-stack CTO to get to the next level.  We can provide that leadership while helping you find the ideal CTO to take your venture forward.
  • Innovation Team and Innovation Culture services — You have an established organization (commercial, academic, non-profit) but want to create an innovation team or enhance the effectiveness of your innovation culture. We have a remarkable track record of fostering effective innovation inside the framework of larger organizations.